“I absolutely love the texture and the scent of this product! Not at all greasy or sticky when applied, it beautifully protects and hydrates the skin and it lasts for so long! I am genuinely so impressed by Zoe’s products, they are made with love, thought, and care which makes all the difference! Thanks Zoe!”

“I’ve tried this one AND the peppermint lip balm and they are both by far the BEST, most moisturising lip balms i have ever had. They feel AMAZING on your lips and from experience my lips never get dry throughout the day when applied in the morning, unlike Vaseline where you have to apply every so often. No other lip balm has made them feel as soft as this product either. They smell amazing and the peppermint leaves a little tingle on your lips that feels great haha!. It feels good knowing that your applying good honest products on to your skin with natural ingredients. Definitely going to be continuously buying and can’t wait for more flavours, products to come from Naturally Untamed :D”

“THIS IS BUFF …. the smell sooo refreshing , the very mild but amazing tingly feeling you get and ofcourse the way it make your lips feel extra soft. Haven’t been able to stop using it and it’s the only thing I’ll be using from now on. It’s different from lip balms I was use to and definitely prefer Naturally Untamed lip balms. ( you also need to try the Turkish delight lip balm I’ve tried it and it’s equally as nice but very different and I’ve personally been using it on my skin and lips … trust me check it out you’ll thank me).”

“This lipbalm smells good enough to eat! The formula is a great consistency – not sticky AT ALL. Glides on smoothly and doesn’t need applied too often throughout the day.
It was shipped to me really fast with information about Naturally Untamed enclosed in the package. 
Perfect wee lipbalm for on the move – it comes everywhere with me now. 
Tip – if you’re having issues with getting enough product on your finger due to it hardening slightly with the cold weather, put the tin in your pocket for a while to warm it up and it’ll be much easier to apply!”

“The product is amazing! You only need to apply it a couple of times to notice the difference, my lips are now super soft ALL OF THE TIME. I ordered 4 (they’re great for little I <3 you presents) and my parcel arrived super quick. Can’t wait for new flavours!”

“Absolutely amazing. The texture and the smell worked together very well”

“The smell is very nice and feels smooth and soothing to the lips, love the peppermint effect at the beginning when you apply … leaves you feeling refreshed. I would deffinetly recommend people to buy this… I know I will again, thank you for this amazing product. Very pleased customer.”

“That is natural and unique.”

“Amazing product. Highly recommend. Great communication from such a kind and lovely seller. Thank you. Will be ordering again.”